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Church mailouts: top 4 tips for a successful campaign
January 17, 2021 at 8:00 AM
Church mailouts: top 4 tips for a successful campaign

If you’re looking to generate more interest in your church, you should consider direct mail marketing. While many forms of marketing have gone digital these days, direct mail marketing is still a viable form of advertising, especially for places of worship. Explore our top tips for ensuring your church mailouts bring great results:

1. Start with a marketing plan

First things first: before making your church mailouts, you should create a marketing plan. This allows you to know what to do (and what not to do) for future campaigns. A marketing plan doesn’t need to be fancy, but you should record important figures and set goals.

For example, you may want to consider the following for your marketing plan:

  • Figure out a budget.
  • Identify how many church mailouts you’ll be sending, and which regions you’ll target.
  • Determine what success means for your campaign. You may want to bring in a certain amount of new churchgoers, or boost website traffic by a specific percentage. Whatever your goals are, be sure to get specific.

Once you have a marketing plan in place, this will help you stay organized, and it will allow you to measure your results going forward. If your campaign is a success, you can reference your original marketing plan to try to replicate the results with another set of mailouts.

2. Get to know the demographics of your area

Understanding who lives in your community is key when sending out any type of direct mail marketing materials. When it comes to church mailouts, this approach allows you to better target potential newcomers.

For example, does your local community have lots of young families? If so, highlight the fact that your church has bible study classes for children of all ages. Is your neighborhood mostly young professionals? This demographic might be interested in church singles events or other social activities.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to target people who are new to the neighborhood. At Welcome New Neighbor, we can provide our clients with the names and addresses of people who’ve just moved to the area. Sending them a personal invitation to your church is a great way of welcoming them to the neighborhood and generating interest in your church.

3. Follow best design practices

When it comes to church mailouts, you may only have seconds to make a lasting impression. Most people scan their mail for just a few moments before tossing it to the side. This means you need to optimize your mailouts for scannability: start with a catchy headline and keep the rest of the content brief.

You should also use a bold, simple design with just a few colors that contrast well with each other. If you need assistance, Welcome New Neighbor would love to help. We offer free postcard design services when you choose us to send your church mailouts.

4. Go with a professional mailing service for best results

While you can absolutely handle your church mailouts on your own, it’s important to know that there is a bit of a learning curve. You’ll need to gather demographic information for your area, design your mailout, and much more.

To simplify this process, we suggest choosing a professional service, like Welcome New Neighbor. We’ve been helping churches and businesses grow for over 30 years. Our full-service, turnkey mailing programs are the perfect way to help newcomers discover your church.

Let Welcome New Neighbor handle your church mailouts - get started today!

Our team can handle every step of your church mailouts, from design to identifying new potential churchgoers in your community. Contracts are never required, and our mailing programs are exclusive to a specific trade area.

Let us manage your direct mail marketing campaign for your place of worship. Contact us today to get started.