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Helping Businesses and Churches Grow with New Mover Marketing
November 12, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Business open and growing with new mover marketing.

There are always people moving out and moving in. Because they may be new to the area, they probably don’t have a favorite place to grab a coffee, order takeout, or get their hair cut. Nor do they have established relationships with a trusted auto mechanic, plumber, or pharmacist – which means they want to know about your business! If they’re religious, they’ll also need to find a new church to join.

At Welcome New Neighbor, we help local businesses and churches reach out to these people with new mover marketing. We offer turnkey services that make it easy for local restaurants, vet offices, medical practices, book shops, churches, and other organizations to reach people who’ve recently moved into the community.

Our goal is to help local businesses generate more leads so they can thrive, and to help churches connect with people who are looking for community. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years and are proud to have played a positive role in helping so many organizations grow.

How Welcome New Neighbor Is Unique

Unlike other marketing mailer and printing companies, we offer a tailored approach to new mover marketing. We do this in a couple of important ways.

First, there are no contracts. We don’t believe a small business or church should have to commit to a long-term financial obligation just to connect with new customers or members. We want our customers to have the marketing and printing services they need – and to also have the flexibility to do things their way. Order a one-time service, a new logo, or count on us to handle your promotional cards, labels, and the actual mailing for as long as you’d like.

Second, we can be as involved or not involved as you want. We understand that businesses and churches have varying budgets and varying needs for outreach. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to marketing to new movers. So, we let you choose what you want and then customize our services to your needs. This means you can opt for an end-to-end service or simply have us send you the mailing labels so you can mail out your own cards.

New Mover Marketing Is Only the Beginning

The experienced design and print teams at Welcome New Neighbor are pretty good at what they do. We’re skilled at creating beautiful designs that resonate with our customers’ target audiences. And we’re just as adept at running an efficient mailer program to ensure everyone in your area knows about your business.

But we’re not just a new mover marketing provider. We’re also happy to serve all your promotional material and printing needs. From business cards and brochures to menus and business forms, we can do it all quickly, professionally, and at a great price.

Count on our friendly team to help you connect with new movers and to help with promotional campaigns and ongoing marketing to existing locals. By sending out direct mail material to a certain zip code or community, you can spread awareness about your brand and invite people to come to your business.

We’re also happy to create high-quality brochures, flyers, and other materials for churches. We want to help you engage your congregation and let new members know they’re always welcome.

If you want to grow your business – or your congregation – reach out to learn more. Welcome New Neighbor has helped countless businesses across the country generate leads and increase sales, and we know we can help yours as well. We're based in Texas but serve businesses and churches nationwide. Reach out and we can send free counts for your area, samples, and more.